Hirsch integrates MATE's analytics

MATE Intelligent Video and Hirsch Electronics announced today that they have worked together to allow for integration between MATE's video analytics and Hirsch's Velocity security management system. The integration allows MATE's analytics to send alerts directly into the Hirsch Velocity system.

MATE's Behavior Watch analytics can work with NVR and DVR systems and IP and analog cameras and adds video analytics capabilities to existing CCTV infrastructure. The system allows for instant alerts based on a variety of analytics -- including intrusion detection, object removal, object left-behind, and undesirable behaviors like loitering -- to be sent to Velocity. The Velocity system is often used as the monitoring and management system for building and campus security, and with the integration of the alerts from MATE's Behavior Watch, it can be programmed for automated tasks such as event logging, security guard notification or even automatic lock-downs or siren notifications.

"The integration of Hirsch's Velocity with MATE's advanced video analytics not only enhances both parties' offerings and opens new channels, but it also provides the market with a greatly enhanced security surveillance solution," said MATE President John Szczygiel.