Maryland city considering false alarm ordinance

Annapolis residents, business owners could face steep fines

During a County Council work session in June, police representatives proposed that the first two false alarms would be free, but then the next four false alarms would cost $120 each. The following six after that would cost $500 apiece. If the security system sent out 13 false alarms or more, each alert could bring a $1,000 fine.

The county Police Department responds to some 60 false-alarm calls per day, adding up to about 22,000 bogus alerts each year and representing 99 percent of all alarm calls to which police are dispatched.

Elsewhere, fines for false alarms have cut calls and saved money.

Fines in Montgomery County have cut the rate of response to false alarms to 24 percent and saved $1.7 million a year, police representatives told the council.