Securitas delves deeper into tracking market

Securitas' Brussels-based subsidiary Alert Services Holding has acquired a number of companies related to services and technology for asset tracking. The acquisitions included Eureca Benelux Services (Belgium), the Satworld group of companies (Netherlands) and LuxTracing (Luxemburg). The acquisitions were made in the third quarter of this year and have a total value of 10.5 million Euros (approximately $14.1 million in U.S. funds).

All three companies are involved in the development, distribution, sales maintenance and service of vehicle tracking, and the companies have traditionally pursued both dealer-based sales and direct sales. Satworld and Eureca Benelux both were reported to have worked with Securitas' Alert Service Division previously.

In a press release discussing the acquisition, the Securitas press relations department stated: "With these acquisitions, Securitas Alert Services increases its ability to deliver a more complete service to its customers such as car dealers, installation companies, fleet-owners and end-users. This will be achieved by adding the acquired specialized hardware know-how and related services to the present European Alert Services offer."

Securitas is reported have more than 100,000 customers in the Benelux region for its Alert Service division. The vehicle tracking services are commonly used by both manufacturers and automotive dealers as well as companies that have operations of fleet vehicles, such as commercial and residential installation companies.