Milwaukee police: Suspected serial bank robber in custody

MILWAUKEE -- A 48-year-old man wanted in a series of Milwaukee-area bank robberies over the last couple of weeks is in police custody, according to the Milwaukee Police Department.

Police plan to release more details on Emmett Bankhead's arrest during a news conference Sunday afternoon.

Police had said Bankhead was responsible for robbing five banks in eight days, the first one happening Jan. 18.

The suspect spent time in prison after being convicted of robbing four banks in 2006.

He was released two years early because of an early release program.

"Our gift from Madison was Mr. Bankhead early where he could resume where he left off," said Chief Ed Flynn of the Milwaukee Police Department. "Obviously, we've had some concerns about that program all along. Mr. Bankhead now becomes a poster child for some of the shortcomings of that attempt to save money."

Police would not release many details on Bankhead's arrest, including where he was found.

Charges could come sometime this week.

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