NJBFAA may drop out of NBFAA

Group questions value of dues and cites lack of help with International Residential Code

"As you know, many times, the strong perspectives of one or two people can influence the way an entire group is lead and we hope, by communicating directly to the members of New Jersey on the importance of being affiliated with a national organization, we can provide an alternate viewpoint," said Miller. "Regarding the IRC code, I can only say that we made every effort to assist New Jersey with the code but we cannot control how our efforts were represented. Apparently, our role and the assistance we provided has not been fully disseminated to the membership. As you pointed out, New Jersey is a large state chapter and very important to us. We greatly appreciate each of our chapters and are very responsive to their requests when they make their needs known. We hope the majority of the membership will agree that being affiliated is better than running solo."

Both Miller and NBFAA Executive Director Merlin Guilbeau are expected to be at the Aug. 11 meeting to campaign to New Jersey members that they keep the chapter in the national association.

For more information on the New Jersey Burglar and Fire Alarm Association visit njbfaa.org. For information on the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, visit alarm.org.