Police: Teen on forklift does $100K of damage to school and home

OMAHA, Neb. --

A 16-year-old has been charged as an adult stemming from a prank that resulted in extensive damage to an Omaha school and home.

Jonathon Cote faces three counts of felony criminal mischief after police said he and a 13-year-old boy broke into the heavy construction vehicle Monday morning and took aim at Westgate Elementary School.

Police said the teens smashed away a corner of the school, placed a Dumpster on the school's roof and tore up the playground. The teens then lost control of the forklift, rolling it down a hill and into the home of Butch Kozeny, who described the 4 a.m. impact as sounding like someone "lit a bomb" in his house.

The impact buckled a wall of Kozeny's house.

Total damage estimates in the vandalism spree went above $100,000.

Cote will have his bond set Thursday. He is in custody at the Douglas County Youth Center.

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