L-3 drops patent suit against ICOP Digital

Surveillance solutions manufacturer ICOP Digital announced Monday that L-3 Communications Mobile-Vision has dropped a lawsuit it had previously filed with the International Trade Commission for allegedly infringing upon a wireless microphone patent.

According to a statement issued by ICOP Digital, the company said that L-3 Communications still plans to pursue the case in New Jersey District court where ICOP has filed counterclaims against the company, citing non-infringement, invalidity of its patent, unfair competition, patent misuse, and antitrust violations.

"In the nearly seven months since the ITC investigation was commenced, Mobile-Vision failed to produce a single piece of evidence or a single document to support its infringement allegations," Attorney James J. Kernell, who is representing ICOP Digital in the case, said in the release.

ICOP Digital President and COO Laura Owen added that her company has never infringed upon L-3 Communication’s patent and called the suit an attempt by an "industry Goliath" to ruin the company.