Envysion introduces new service features

Managed video service provider Envysion officially announced Monday that it is adding additional features to its service offerings.

According to Jeff Gannon, the company’s director of business development, one of the biggest features that Envysion is adding to its managed video platform is support for megapixel and IP cameras, which has almost become a requirement amongst a large majority of their customer base.

"We’re going to help our clients bridge that technology gap without considerable upfront or ongoing expense," he said. "Traditionally, if someone has an existing analog infrastructure and they want to make a jump to IP or megapixel technology, they’re looking at rewiring from coax to CAT-5, they looking at deploying new cameras and they’re looking at putting a whole new server to accommodate that technology into their network. We can utilize our existing NVR that’s already on site to not only capture IP and megapixel signals, but also analog signals right on the same box without the need for any encoders, so that’s a tremendous cost savings for (the client)."

Two other features that Envysion unveiled on Monday were MyGroups and usage statistics.

MyGroups allows Envysion subscribers to share video footage across an entire enterprise without incremental IT requirements. Essentially, if a security manager at one location needs to share video with someone at corporate headquarters, they can use MyGroups to view and collaborate on the footage without having to burn CD’s, which is both time consuming and costly.

Usage statistics will also help Envysion clients maximize their return on investment, as they will be able to see how many times and for how long security personnel are using the company’s managed video service.

"The more people you get using (our platform), the more departments you get using it, the better," Gannon added.

The new service features are available to Envysion Video and Envysion Insight customers at no additional charge.