IP video reliability tops concerns of security integrators

What do European and U.S. integrators want out of IP security products companies?

The answer is reliability according to new research by IMS Research released in the report "IP Trends in Security: A Survey of Systems Integrators and Installers - 2009 Edition."

Like their European counterparts, U.S.-based security integrators said the top factor affecting decisions on IP products was reliability. In the U.S., integrators also listed training and vendor support as very important factors.

Other important factors beyond reliability, at least for the European integrators, were customer requirements and the ability to "future-proof" installations.

While top factors for choosing products were different, both U.S. and European integrators said they faced the same limiting factors for doing IP video surveillance projects -- and that factor was network bandwidth.

"The survey responses were taken from integrators and installers who already use IP-based security products so they had a good feel for the issues and concerns driving the purchasing decisions," wrote report author and IMS Research analyst, Niall Jenkins. "It is interesting to note that reliability was identified as both a concern and a key feature driving the decision to purchase. It is clear that integrators and installers place a high value on the reliability of IP-based security products.”

Top 5 factors affecting decisions on IP video projects
(as determined by a sampling of U.S. security systems integrators)

  1. Reliability
  2. Customer Requirements
  3. Flexibility
  4. Future Proofing
  5. Ease of Integration

The full report from IMS Research is published in two volumes, one for North America and one for Europe.