New legislation includes NBFAA language

ATLANTA, July 28 - The National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association reported this week that a bill recently passed by the House Committee on Education and Labor entitled “the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (HR 3221),” included language from the non-profit organization regarding the installation of fire and life safety systems.

The NBFAA’s contribution to the new piece of legislation, which awards grants to states to build new community colleges or repair existing ones, can be found in section 351 where it states:

(C) Compliance with fire, health, seismic, and safety codes, including professional installation of fire and life safety alarms, and         modernizations, renovations, and repairs that ensure that the community college's facilities are prepared for emergencies, such as improving building infrastructure to accommodate security measures and installing or upgrading technology to ensure that the community college is able to respond to emergencies such as acts of terrorism, campus violence, and natural disasters.

Earlier this year, the association was successful in having similar language placed in a bill regarding the construction of public schools.