NSCA research offers insight on staff retention

The National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) has issued a new Market Intelligence Briefing on the topic of recruiting and retaining staff members. The report, titled "Recruit and Retain Quality Staff: Organizational Issues and Structure", looks at what successful systems contracting companies are doing to attract and keep good staff members.

The report gives the reader resources on organizational development. It found that business elements like employee training, staff involvement and employee participation in staff review can boost retention and recruitment.

On the bright side, systems contractors may not need to worry about retention as they once did. The NSCA found that staff turnover for technical, design and installation jobs has slowed since the 2005-2006 period. The report also found, however, that companies are not spending much on training, with only 2 percent of company gross revenues spent on training. It also found that money is spent on technical training at a 4:1 ratio over business training.

"A good company can become great by using these strategies to find, develop and retain talented and dedicated staff," said NSCA senior director of member services Jodi Montgomery about the new report. "These are processes that should be consistently evaluated in order to maintain a productive and qualified workforce."

For more information or to view the report, visit www.nsca.org/MIB.