SIA spearheads language change in Senate bill

The Security Industry Association announced Wednesday that a recently introduced Senate bill includes a change in language lobbied for by the association.

As previously written, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 would have had a detrimental impact on security solutions such as surveillance and access control systems, requiring them to meet efficiency standards for products in "no-load" mode even though they are always active.

The new piece of legislation, dubbed "National Energy Efficiency Enhancement Act of 2010," includes the technical corrections advocated for by an SIA assembled coalition of industry and environmental groups.

"We are very grateful to Chairman (Jeff) Bingaman for his leadership in developing this common sense, bipartisan proposal that has the support of some of the most widely respected environmental groups in the country and many SIA member companies," SIA Director of Research and Technology Mark Visbal said. "This technical amendment from Chairman Bingaman and Senators (Lisa) Murkowski and (Bob) Menendez strikes the right balance for all interested parties."