Insite Security adds kidnapping resolution services

Insite Security, a New York-based security services firm offering protective services, consulting, training and investigations, announced today that it is getting into the business of kidnapping resolution. The company has hired experienced kidnapping negotiator Christopher Voss to establish the company's practice in this area.

Voss has worked on over 150 kidnappings and his training comes from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Scotland Yard and Harvard University. At the FBI, Voss was the bureau's lead international kidnapping negotiator at the Crisis Negotiation Unit (based out of Quantico). He has previously served on the New York City Joint Terrorist Take Force.

According to Insite Security's founder Christopher Falkenberg, the advantage that companies and individuals get from hiring a company specializing in kidnapping resolution rather than just dealing with insurance companies is that it moves the kidnapping negotiations into a financially affected process.

"Insurance companies are incented to negotiate the lowest fee possible to secure the return of a kidnap victim," said Falkenberg, who added that independent negotiators who aren't bound by just offering the lowest price can sometimes provide a faster return of the kidnapped individual.

Insite Security is in the process of introducing additional services for high net worth individuals, including its global medical concierge service, which it recently launched with WorldClinic.