The security week that was: 01/21/11 (Active shooter incident analysis)

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Whether you are a corporate security manager or an integrator providing technical security support systems for a facility, consider the NYPD's report required reading (download a PDF of the NYPD's active shooter incident report). One of the benefits for a corporate security manager is that the report includes an in-depth appendix of the cases that were studied. By comparing your facility to similar facilities that were victim locations in the report, I believe you can obtain very good insights into how these incidents might play out at your facility.

In other news
String of school shootings, TSA penetration test, Training offerings for dealers

A TSA penetration test at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport found that a ticket agent accepted a $100 bribe to put an unknown package on the plane. ... A laptop with images of the security credentials for next month's Super Bowl was stolen. ... At a Los Angeles-area school that has random screenings in place, an undiscovered handgun hidden inside a student's bag was accidentally fired. Near another L.A. school, a school district police officer was shot. A third incident affecting a Los Angeles school saw a student shot less than a block the school building. The incidents have caused a sweeping reexamination of security for the Los Angeles Unified School District. ... Fire-Lite Alarms announced an extensive training schedule, as did Tri-Ed/Northern Video.