Port of Oakland to boost perimeter security and communications

The Port of Oakland, one of the nation's top five busiest seaports, is getting ready to improve its communications infrastructure and boost its perimeter security. The Port has hired GTSI Corporation, a large systems integrator, to deploy a fiber optic communications systems and improve perimeter security at a cost of $7 million. The work is to be completed by April 2010.

The Port of Oakland not only has extensive cargo shipping operations, but also an airport on site and is a prime location for commercial real estate. The area has been in operation as a deep water port since 1874 and was official named the Port of Oakland in 1927. Most of the port's lands today are used by Oakland International Airport.

The maritime security for the Port of Oakland is overseen by Mike O'Brien. According to the port's media relations department, the Port of Oakland's location in the San Francisco Bay Region puts the port in the top tier in terms of federal port security grant allocations.

GTSI said it "teams with local businesses to help with various phases of the project."