Leo Guthart, Cecil Hogan to be honored by security industry

The Security Industry Association (SIA), Electronic Security Association (ESA) and Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) announced Friday that Leo Guthart and Cecil Hogan have been named the recipients of two prestigious industry awards that will be presented later this year during ISC Solutions in New York City.

According to a statement issued by the organizations, Guthart, who is the current chairman of the board of director for Topspin Partners and formerly served as CEO and chairman for Ademco, will receive the George R. Lippert Memorial Award for his contributions to the SIA and the industry in general.

"While several nominees are deserving of the award, the individual who stands out is, unquestionably, Leo Guthart," SIA CEO Richard Chace said. "It is difficult to identify another person who has had as much influence over so many of the fundamentals of how the industry operates. There were several dangerous times when the electronic security industry was at risk of being encroached upon by other disciplines. But Leo's strategic vision, coupled with his willingness to commit resources, strengthened the course that we took - a path that has resulted in our present status as a major influence in the marketplace as a cohesive group rather than simply an appendage of some other trade. Leo's choices for the future of the industry supported the environment that we tend to take for granted today."

Cecil Hogan, who is founder and president of Security Consultants Inc. and a past president of ESA, will be honored with the Triton Award, recognizing his efforts as an industry statesman and promoting a good working relationship between the three organizations.

"The security industry owes Cecil a world of thanks for his contributions and commitment," ESA President Dom D’Ascoli said. "The untold hours he has poured into the association and his expertise in guiding major decisions that have impacted the entire security industry have helped everyone in business today."

For more information, visit www.siaonline.org.