Mace CSSS converts to stages monitoring platform

Mace, a provider of CCTV and personal protection solutions, announced this week that its’ recently acquired monitoring division, Mace CSSS, has converted to the stages advanced monitoring platform.

According to a statement issued by the company, the stages technology allows dealers the ability to view real-time surveillance footage and can also guide operators through the dispatch process with user-defined action plans. In addition, the company added that implementing the stages platform is part of a development strategy for the monitoring division to provide dealers with the best technology available.

“This ground breaking technology upgrade to the SGS stages platform is more than a great stride for Mace. This is equally a big step for the industry. With the benefit of our vast management experience, we have the stages platform working hand in hand with our Sure View Video Management platform,” said Mace Security Services President Peter Giacalone. “We will now integrate these two platforms and again take central station monitoring and remote services to a new elevation in real time capabilities.”