PSA, 1nService announce partnership

PSA Security Network, a cooperative that includes more than 200 systems integrators, and 1nService, a collaborative organization of networking solutions companies, announced Tuesday that they have developed an agreement in which they will encourage their respective members to become involved with the other organization.

In addition, the organizations will also host joint initiatives and events that educate members about the expectations of each side when it comes to converging physical security solutions with information technology. The partnership also means 1nService members can buy security products from PSA members, who are now eligible to join 1nService.

According to 1nService CEO Paul Cronin, the two organizations started to come together about a year and a half ago when they realized both physical security integrators and networking companies needed to be educated about the business opportunities that convergence of the two industries presented.

"We thought (convergence issues) would be better crossed by partnering, creating a trusting relationship, or educating our members about what each side looks like," he said.

Wasting little time in bringing the two sides together, both PSA and 1nService are inviting 20 of its members to Gillette Stadium, located in Foxborough, Massachusetts, on Feb. 11. There, Cronin and PSA President and CEO Bill Bozeman will speak to members of the opposite organization to let them know how each side view’s their industry and what needs to be done when physical security and IT departments come together.

Cronin said that the two organizations would be hosting five such events across the country throughout the year to continue to educate members about convergence.

"I think the biggest thing is educating people on the business opportunities," Cronin said. "I think the biggest reason people don’t act (on these opportunities) is they don’t really understand how they can tap into a strategic plan that they can capitalize on today."