TAC changes its name to Schneider Electric

ATLANTA, July 15 - TAC, a leading provider of home automation and security solutions, announced earlier this month that it will be changing its name to that of its parent company, Schneider Electric, in October.

According to a statement issued by the company, the name change means that the companies will be united under a single brand and that TAC’s expertise will be used to help provide guidance to customers on energy management and security solutions for buildings. The transition to one company also means than customers will have access to a greater variety of integrated solutions.

“This is more than just a name change, this is a new way of approaching our business and our customers’ needs at a time when financial and natural resources are increasingly scarce,” said TAC president and CEO Chris Curtis said in a prepared statement. “Schneider Electric’s new organization will enable the company to take multiple solutions from our comprehensive offer portfolio through one seamless customer interface to become a single-source energy management provider. Most importantly, the people our customers work with today will be the same people they will work with when TAC becomes Schneider Electric.”