UK researchers develop High Dynamic Range video system

Researchers in the UK recently announced that they have developed a new High Dynamic Range (HDR) video system that is applicable for a range of applications including security.

According to the University of Warwick’s Professor Alan Chalmers, the new technology will provide security cameras with the ability to detect detail even in extreme lighting conditions.

"The natural world presents us with a wide range of colors and intensities. In addition, a scene may be constantly changing with, for example, significant differences in lighting levels going from outside to inside or simply as the sun goes behind some clouds, etc." Chalmers said in a prepared statement. "A human eye can cope with those rapid changes and variety but a traditional camera is only capable of capturing a limited range of lighting in any scene. The actual range it can cope with depends on the exposure and f-stop setting of the camera. Anything outside that limited range is either under or overexposed."

A video showing the capability of this new HDR video system will be shown by researchers at the University of Warwick this week.

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