COPS adds staff in Arizona

COPS Monitoring, which operates central stations in Arizona, New Jersey and Florida, said this week that it is expanding and strengthening operations at its Scottsdale, Ariz. central station by adding staff.

In addition, the company announced that Dale Marzili, who has been with COPS for last 10 years, has been promoted to operations manager at the Arizona central station. According to a statement issued by the company, Marzili, along with five additional dispatchers and shift managers relocated from New Jersey to Arizona in May. COPS has also hired another 13 dispatchers in Arizona.

"We take our responsibility to our dealers seriously," said COPS Monitoring President Jim McMullen. "By diversifying our central stations and our workforce by increasing our strength in Arizona, we are not only showing our commitment to operate multiple 24/7 facilities, we also significantly reduce the chances that a single local catastrophe or weather event will affect our ability to serve our customers. Don’t be surprised if we open even more central stations."