Police detail timeline in Conn. workplace shootings

MANCHESTER, Conn. -- Manchester police said the investigation into a shooting rampage that left nine people dead at a beer distribution warehouse on Tuesday is ongoing and tedious.

Manchester police said that, along with State Police, officers combed the Hartford Distribution warehouse on Chapel Street throughout the night and that the investigation continued on Wednesday.

Police said truck driver Omar Thornton attended a disciplinary hearing at the company on Tuesday morning. They said Thornton had been accused in a theft at the company and was given the option of resigning or being terminated. Officials said Thornton agreed to resign and was exiting the building when he opened fire.

Lt. Christopher Davis, of the Manchester Police Department, said the first of many 911 calls was received by the department at 7:26 am. Tuesday. Davis said that the first officer arrived at the warehouse within three minutes and began guiding victims to safety.

Within 10 minutes of the first 911 call, a five-man crew entered the warehouse in search of the gunman, Davis said.

Davis said that Thornton was found in a corner office of the building with an apparent gunshot wound at about 8:15 a.m.

Police said two 9mm handguns were found near Thornton after the shooting and that a shotgun was found in Thornton's car. Davis said the shotgun was not used in the shooting. Police believe Thornton brought the handguns into the building inside a lunch box, which they said he stored in a kitchen area during his disciplinary hearing.

"(Thornton) said he wanted a drink of water, which is also where he had his lunchbox hidden," said Davis. "He went into the kitchen area, got his lunchbox with weapons inside, exited the kitchen area and then started shooting as soon as he got into the hallway."

Police said Thornton began shooting in the hallway outside of the kitchen and then went through an office area of the building before going into the warehouse area. Davis said Thornton chased one or more victims through the building and out into the parking lot before re-entering the building.

Davis said the first few people shot may have been targeted by Thornton, but said no list or note targeting specific victims had been found. Davis said workers told police that Thornton passed by several people whom he did not shoot.

The names and ages of those killed in the rampage were released on Wednesday, hours before a memorial service was to be in honor of the victims.

Killed in the gunfire were: Bryan Cirigliano, 51; Victor James, 59; Craig Pepin, 50; Edwin Kennison Jr, 49; Doug Scrutin, 56; William Ackerman, 50; Louis Felder Jr., 50; and Francis Fazio Jr., 57.