Report: IT firms failing to capitalize on security service opportunities

ATLANTA, July 8 - According to a new report out by threat management firm Clavister, many IT companies such as Internet Service Providers, data centers and telecom operators are failing to capitalize on opportunities to present their customers with security services.

Clavister Vice President of Product Management Andreas Asander said that providing security services would be a good way for service providers to differentiate themselves from other firms in a saturated market.

“Cyber-crime is growing and malicious traffic is becoming more prevalent which is a trend that is supported by the increasing volume and sophistication of attack tools. Threats can include Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS), infection by viruses and worms, phishing, e-mail spam, redirection of traffic and break-ins aimed at modifying the configuration of vital components,” Asander said in a prepared statement.

Though some do provide security services as part of their offerings, it usually involves the installation of a physical box on the client’s property.

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