Tri-Ed/Northern Video adds Level II training class to IP video tour

Security products distributor Tri-Ed/Northern Video Distribution announced this week that it is introducing a new Level II training class to its North American IP Video Technology Tour for 2011.

According to a statement issued by the company, the class will allow dealers and integrators the opportunity to learn about OSI model, IP naming structure, network design best practices, and switch basics.

The company also said that it expects ESA certification for the Level II training class to be announced in early 2011.

Dates and cities announced for the 2011 North American IP Video Technology Tour include:

- Jan. 18, Charlotte, N.C.
- Jan. 20, Virginia Beach, Va.
- Jan. 25, Miami, Fla. and Phoenix, Ariz.
- Jan. 27, Puerto Rico and San Diego, Calif.
- Feb. 1, Houston, Texas and Sacramento, Calif.
- Feb. 3, Austin, Texas and Union City, Calif.
- Feb. 8, Dallas, Texas and North Hills, Calif.
- Feb. 10, San Antonio, Texas and Garden Grove, Calif.
- Feb. 22, Washington, D.C. Metro and Denver, Colo.
- Feb. 24, Pennsauken, N.J. and Riverside, Calif
- March 3, Buffalo, N.Y.
- March 8, Boston, Mass. and Seattle, Wash.
- March 10, Milford, Conn. and Portland, Ore.
- March 22, Chicago, Ill. and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
- March 24, Kansas City, Kan. and Vancouver, B.C., Canada
- April 5, Las Vegas, Nev.
- April 19, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
- April 20, Plainview, N.Y.
- April 21, Westchester, N.Y. and Calgary, Alberta, Canada
- April 26, Minneapolis, Minn.

"The trainings throughout 2010 were hugely successful and attracted substantial turnouts," said Pat Comunale, president and chief operating officer. "Our customers look to us for IP training. We’re committed to providing that to them to keep them competitive and on top of all the changing technologies."

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