Texas town installs CCTV cameras

The city of Bryan, Texas, with help from ADT Security Services, recently installed a CCTV system in its downtown area to help increase security.

According to a statement issued by ADT, the first phase of the multi-phase camera system, which will cover the city’s revitalized downtown area, has been completed. The cameras will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and be monitored by personnel with the Bryan Police Department.

Since the system uses wireless mesh technology, it will allow the city to add additional cameras at a cheaper price later on if they so choose.

“Bryan is part of a growing trend we are seeing where city and law enforcement recognize the effectiveness of video in deterring, detecting and prosecuting local crimes,” said John Gaydos, vice president of ADT’s Government Systems Division. “Cities are also finding that these camera systems have uses beyond security and can help stretch their budgets for law enforcement, traffic monitoring and overall municipal management.”