UK company releases ONVIF compatible camera line

You've heard plenty about standards by now – about how groups like ONVIF and PSIA have developed specs for camera interoperability and also how even the trade associations have started thinking about how to develop network video standards as well. Now the industry is starting to see camera vendors release products that actually support these standards.

In April, at the ISC West show, IQinVision showcased a camera that employed the PSIA spec (PSIA is the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance, one of the prominent organizations developing device interoperability standards for this industry). Now, LILIN, a worldwide manufacturer of CCTV products based in the UK has announced a full range of IP video surveillance cameras that use the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum, another IP video standards group) specifications. The LILIN product range that are ONVIF compatible include high speed domes, external IR cameras and a standalone video encoder.

The product line actually comes out earlier than many expected, hinting at the traction that video standards have in the manufacturer community. ONVIF President Jonas Andersson (from camera company Axis Communications) had said that the organization expected to see ONVIF-compatible products out this year, but it was thought that the first devices would likely be seen from founding members such as Sony, Bosch and Andersson's own firm Axis, rather than a relative newcomer like LILIN which only recently announced its membership in ONVIF in mid-March 2009. ONVIF only recently released a test tool and conformance process for checking device (camera) compatibility in late May of this year, so LILIN's announcement comes just over a month after that testing issuance.

LILIN issued an announcement about the camera line on July 1, 2009, noting that the adoption of standards was going to remove a stumbling block in market adoption for IP cameras. The company also hinted at future updates to its IP camera line.

"LILIN believes IP CCTV is about to overcome many of the obstacles that has stopped it replacing analogue systems," the company wrote in a statement. "Over the coming months further announcements will herald the release of more segments of the LILIN product range compliant with the ONVIF standard, resulting in a full system offering and extended camera range."

As a company, LILIN dates back to 1984, and in 2007, the firm rebranded itself from the name of CS Li-Lin to LILIN. Besides IP cameras like the ONVIF compatible devices announced this month, the firm also sells a variety of camera accessories (lenses, mounting systems) as well as monitors, analog cameras and digital video recorders (DVRs). Lilin is online at