Survey: Many retailers considering migrating to IP

According to the results of a new survey conducted by the Loss Prevention Research Council, 87 percent of retailers currently using analog video solutions are considering migrating to IP technology.

The "Surveillance Survey Report," which was sponsored by Axis Communications, asked loss prevention executives from 49 national and regional retailers questions about their use of CCTV and their opinions on the use of analog-based systems versus IP.

Ninety-eight percent of companies said that they use surveillance systems in their stores, but only 25 percent said that they have transitioned to IP. Slightly more than 41 percent of executives said the biggest hurdle for the adoption of IP technology by their companies was the perceived higher cost of migrating to a new system.

Among some of the reports other findings include:

- 98 percent of executives said video surveillance reduced internal loss
- 75 percent claim that video surveillance reduced external loss
- Of those that reported poor image quality as a problem with their surveillance system, all of them were utilizing analog technology as part of the system

"Our research indicates that retailers have plenty of opportunity to expand their surveillance systems to go far beyond loss prevention, especially if and when they switch to IP," said Dr. Read Hayes, director, LPRC. "It is great to see positive results from the overall effects of video surveillance regarding safety and crime prevention, but it's evident that the more areas of a retailer's business that can utilize video surveillance, the greater the ROI."