Santa Fe school district plans school construction and renovation projects

$160 million sought for school upgrades

At Ramirez-Thomas Elementary/Nye Early Education Center, $7.2 million in funds would renovate the art room for a computer laboratory, and renovate the library and Nye Early Education Center to provide a nap room, activity room, conference room, kitchen, work room and storage. An addition will include four kindergarten classes, art/science, special education ancillary space, library, bathrooms and conference/storage area.

Some 5.3 million at Sweeney Elementary would renovate and expand four kindergartens, two special education rooms, part of the old library and adjacent classroom; renovate classrooms for a computer laboratory, library distribution area, bathrooms, counselor area for two offices and a nurse area. An addition would be built with four general classrooms and art/science classrooms.

At Capital High, $4.6 million would be used to renovate the theater and support space and provide an addition with a theater/classroom and shop.

Some $3 million would go to Atalaya Elementary to enclose a connection between buildings, renovate and expand three kindergarten classrooms, renovate the library to provide a staff development area, build a small addition for a faculty workroom and renovate the administration area.

At Ortiz Middle School, $2.8 million in funds would be used to renovate four classrooms into open science laboratories, renovate/expand the home economics area and to provide an adequate band room without sacrificing theater capability.

Some $1.5 million would go to De Vargas Middle School to renovate the shop into science classrooms and renovate the medically fragile suite.

At Nava Elementary, $283,000 would be used to renovate the existing library.

Another $282,000 would be used at Chaparral Elementary to provide a fire suppression system in the 1970s-era building.