Burglars ransack Denver shoe store after police ignore alarm


In the middle of the night last Friday, an alarm went off inside Ahimsa Footwear, 1668 Marion St., and owner Lisa Sommers got a call from her security company.

"They told me they had already called the police, and that the police were not going to be coming because I had an invalid permit number," said Sommers.

When a second alarm went off, she said her security company told her she'd have to check it out herself.

"That did not seem safe," she said.

After a quick once-over at the store, Sommers thought everything was in order, but the next morning, "as soon as I walked in, my heart just dropped," she said.

Apparently, the burglars had paid another visit, or Sommers said, they may have even been hiding inside while she was there investigating.

They stole cash and her camera.

To make matter worse, 7NEWS checked, and Sommers alarm permit is valid.

"That makes me worried," said Sommers. "I have a panic button, and what if the security company calls police and they say 'Oh, you don't have a valid permit.' That would be a tragedy."

After 7NEWS started asking questions, Denver 911 released a statement saying "We will review the call and address any problems found."

Sommers said she has had false alarms in the past, but never three in one night.

She said the security company should have called police again, especially after she assured them her permit was valid.

7NEWS checked with the alarm company, and a spokeswoman said they are also investigating.

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