The Netherlands adopts ASIS resilience standard

ASIS International announced Wednesday that the Netherlands has become the third nations to adopt its organizational resilience standard.

The American National Standard for Organizational Resilience establishes a common basis for addressing risks associated with disruptive events, according to a statement issued by ASIS. It is also compatible with other ISO standards and is one of three preparedness standards that have been proposed for inclusion in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's PS-Prep Program, which is geared to help organizations prepare for and respond to security incidents.

"Resilience recognizes that managing the risks of disruptions is a business concern and must be addressed in a comprehensive fashion consistent with the organization's overall risk management strategy," said ASIS President Joseph R. Granger, CPP. "Businesses cannot afford to stovepipe risks. In today's economic environment, organizations need to optimize their strategies to cost effectively minimize both the likelihood and consequences of a disruption."

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