Vector Security to increase number of LPC, LPQ scholarships

Electronics security services provider Vector Security announced Tuesday that it plans to increase the number of LPCertified (LPC) and LPQualified (LPQ) scholarships for this year’s scholarship give away program.

This is the third consecutive year that Vector has sponsored the scholarship program, which is designed to help loss prevention professionals attain these two certifications.

When Vector began the program in 2009, it offered a total 10 LPQ-based scholarships. Last year it increased that number to 20, split evenly between the LPQ and LPC programs. This year, Vector has increased the total number of scholarships to 30, which will also be evenly split between the two programs.

"Launching any professional certification program requires a lot of funding, time and effort," said Vector Security Executive Vice President Michael T. Grady. "Many fail due to lack of sincere continuous support and interest. Knowing the long-term value of this endeavor, we wanted to continue to support the program in any way possible to help guarantee its viability and prove its worth in the eyes of the retail industry."

Applications will be accepted through February and the winners will be announced in March. For more information, contact Debbie Fisher at 724-779-8810 ext. 1206 or via e-mail at