School in Bay City, Texas receives bomb threat

BAY CITY, Texas --

A bomb threat was called into a school in a district that has also received threats by letter and by text message.

Bay City Independent School District officials said a bomb threat was made at Linnie Roberts Elementary School , 1212 Whitson Street, overnight.

The campus was searched and nothing was found, officials said. Classes at the school went on as normal Friday.

The school district has been the target of several threats in the past few days. On Dec. 28, the school district received a threatening letter that was addressed to Superintendent Keith Brown.

"If my rules are not followed to the letter, I will cut your youngest girl's (expletive) head off and mail it to her mother and that is all you will have to put in the ground," the letter read in part.

Brown said that was a threat to his daughter.

The person also wrote a list of nine rules. One of those rules was that the district must send the letter home to all parents and students, and that if it's not signed within 48 hours, the person will kill a random student.

"Break one and see what happens. Let me be clear. If anyone breaks the rules I will punish there kidds [sic]. This goes for School Board members and kids," the letter said.

On Thursday, a text message was sent to several students.

The text message read, "FWD: Hey! Forward this to everyone, (that letter)...1 rule broken, two girls die at the jr. high and 2 from high school, dnt [sic] go! The school will be on lockdown."

Officials have not said how many students received the message.

Officials are trying to figure out if the text message came from the same person who sent the letter, or whether it is a hoax or a copycat.

There are about 3,700 students enrolled in Bay City ISD schools, which have a collective staff of more than 600. On Friday, the absentee rate was 60 percent, up from 45 percent on Friday.

"We will bring this criminal to justice. I would not want to be the person who was this low to put terror on our school district," Brown said.

The district will remain on high alert through the weekend. Extra security will be in place for the girls' and boys' basketball games.

Anyone with information regarding the letter, text messages and/or bomb threat is asked to call the school district at 979-429-6219.

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