Brink's Home Security becomes Broadview Security

After being spun out of Brink's Inc., Brink's Home Security is now rebranding itself. The former residential security systems installation and monitoring arm of Brink's has now renamed itself as Broadview Security.

The company had an agreement with Brink's Inc. to continue using the name for a period of time after the split-off, which occurred last year. At the time that the split was first announced, Brink's Home Security was serving an estimated 1.2 million accounts.

It's not easy to change the name of a company whose history dates back to 1859 when Brink's was first founded (and the Brink's Home Security moniker dates back 25 years itself), but Broadview Security is backing up this name change with a serious marketing push. The company announced plans to spend up to $120 million in advertising in the next three years to rebrand the company. Most of the advertising will be on television, where Brink's Home Security has been known to advertise extensively. The campaign is scheduled to start July 6 on cable televsion, and will announce the transition with the advertising tag line "the next generation of Brink's Home Security."

As part of the rebranding, Broadview Security President and CEO Bob Allen will be ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday, July 1. The company will continue to use its "CFL" ticker symbol, which is said to stand for "Customers for Life."

“Our new name, Broadview Security, reflects the wide range of security services we offer and the active protection we provide to families and businesses,” said Allen. “It represents our long-standing commitment to deliver peace of mind to our customers. Broadview Security provides a strong platform to continue our growth through the expansion of our security offerings.”

According to Dave Simon, Broadview Security's senior manager of public affairs, the company has taken a proactive stance to educating its customers about the name change.

"Customers have been informed through a number of venues," explained Simon. "For our employees who deal directly with customers, we’ve developed talking points and FAQs (frequently asked questions). Some of these are also included in direct customer communications, such as the customer newsletter and Earlier this year, we send a customer newsletter with a cover letter from our CEO and President Bob Allen, explaining why we were making the changes. We have also touched based via email with those customers who’ve given us their address, and messages and FAQs will also be on our new Web site,"

The company remains headquartered in Irving, Texas. Brink's Home Security recently was recognized by the NBFAA for a First Line of Defense Award, which recognizes excellence in responding to alarms. In the case of the recent award, the company's service was noted for aiding in the saving of a life from a residential carbon monoxide poisoning accident.