Norcross, Ga. to implement city-wide surveillance system

City officials in Norcross, Ga. recently decided to deploy a new city-wide surveillance solution that will allow police officers in the Atlanta suburb to view live and recorded video from any computer on their network.

According to Bob Carter, general manger for Georgia at Iron Sky, the integrator selected to install the surveillance solution, a combination of 11 new pan-tilt-zoom and high-definition cameras from Axis Communications will be strategically placed throughout the city and will be integrated with 24 existing cameras at city hall and the police department.

In addition to the Axis cameras, the solution also features Firetide wireless communication solutions and Dell network hardware. The system is tied together with Iron Sky’s video management software, which uses Google Maps to layout camera locations throughout the city.

"Every street level camera is represented by its map coordinates and then when there are cameras that we either install or integrate with indoors, we put a building icon on top of that image," Carter explained. "So, you click on the icon and when you go inside, you can access each camera off of a floor plan. Everything is graphics driven. You can get to the device you want to see by going to it and clicking on it based on its location."

Carter said the browser-based system is designed to be shared and that Norcross police officials will be able to allow others access to system in the future if they so desire. According to Carter, the new system should be up and running in about 9-to-10 weeks.

In addition to Norcross, Iron Sky has helped install several municipal surveillance systems throughout Georgia including ones in College Park, Hapeville, Decatur, Valdosta, Lilburn, as well as the Westside Historic District and Midtown areas of Atlanta. For more information about the company, visit