Siemens being investigated by Nevada fire marshal

Company's maintenance of fire systems at seniors home, hotel-casinos questioned

In autumn 2007, Estany sold his home and downsized, in order to pay off $25,000 he owed to an attorney who had briefly represented him against Siemens, as well as to pay for a family funeral and other overdue bills.

Estany said he no longer can afford a lawyer.

Estany has refused to pay a $500 contempt sanction that Gonzalez imposed in August for violating an April 2007 temporary restraining order to stop disparaging Siemens.

On Jan. 28, Gonzalez is scheduled to hear another motion by Siemens. It asks the judge to sanction Estany again, either by jailing him or striking his ability to plead that his termination in 2006 was wrongful.

Jorge Ramirez, Siemens' local lawyer, declined comment.

When Estany heard Siemens could face misdemeanor charges, he sighed. "They get a slap on the wrist," he said, "And I get the shaft."

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