India Embraces ATCi's Warrior Satellite Surveillance and Monitoring Systems Deployed for Foreign Indian Defense Networks

Recent Mumbai Terrorist Events Call for Warrior Surveillance System

HONOLULU , Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacific Telecom Conference -- Antenna Technology Communications Inc., a provider of commercial satellite communications systems, today announced at the Pacific Telecom Conference in Hawaii the deployment of its Warrior Satellite Monitoring and Surveillance System for the Indian region.

The Warrior Satellite Monitoring System can simultaneously provide complete observation for satellite activities spread over 140 degrees. However, with the added upgrades, the system goes beyond the basic TT&C monitoring that is being offered by rival systems today. Designed for the unique requirements of government and military entities, Warrior allows the operator an in-depth view of not only the spectrum usage/geo-location issues involved in satellite carriage, but also the ability to manage, control, and archive the data, voice and video content being carried on any given satellite on any given transponder in its viewing arc simultaneously. Moreover, the proprietary search and retrieval technology loads key information METADATA into an interlinked network of IP storage servers to provide unparalleled surveillance tools for today's fluid and ever-changing communication markets. These highly cost-effective systems must provide the best information immediately in order to make vitally important decisions.

"Due to recent incidents in Mumbai , there has become a heightened requisite for extensive monitoring and surveillance of everything in the sky for India and other countries around the world," said ATCi's CEO, Gary Hatch . "ATCi has a long standing history in successfully implementing several surveillance and monitoring systems for the Department of Defense and other like government and military agencies in the U.S., which made tailoring a system for the Indian defense network a sensible progression. It is not enough to simply monitor FSS satellites, today's surveillance must also have the ability to associate and provide critical algorithm patterning data which can ultimately process and associate unlimited IP data, thereby delivering greater security," Hatch concluded.

All hardware, software, engineering, and installation services are included with the turnkey Warrior Satellite Monitoring System.

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