ADT consortium selected for cargo screening pilot

To help meet a cargo screening mandate issued by the federal government, the Transportation Security Administration recently awarded Certified Cargo Screening Solutions (a consortium made up of ADT, URS Corporation and Andy Frain Services) five of seven pilot projects that it will conducting at major airports across the country.

In 2007, President George W. Bush signed into law the “Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act,” which established several security benchmarks for the screening of passenger luggage and cargo. Among the inspection benchmarks established by the law were that 50 percent of all cargo being shipped via passenger aircraft be screened by February 2009 and that 100 percent be screened by August 2010.

The TSA in turn established the Certified Cargo Screening Program, a voluntary program that allows shippers to screen packages before they are placed on an airliner from certified locations known as Certified Cargo Screening Facilities. These facilities must adhere to increased TSA security standards; employ chain of custody requirements, etc.

According to Frank Pervola, business development manager for ADT’s government systems group, CCSS takes the core competencies of each of the companies involved in the consortium to provide a comprehensive cargo screening solution. URS, which is the lead contractor of CCSS, is responsible for the design of the cargo screening facilities. ADT will provide the necessary security equipment, while Andy Frain will contribute the manpower to run the facilities.

“We can provide (our companies’ services), like we do on an every day basis with the customer that we have. That’s what we (each) bring to the team,” he said. “Most of these companies that we’re dealing with are not use to organizing projects like this so we thought the best scenario would be to organize ourselves and go to our customers and say we can provide the complete solution”

Following approval from their customers, CCSS will start the certification process and begin procuring security equipment for the various facilities. Pilot certification is scheduled to be completed by August.