BSIA releases access control guide for offices

The British Security Industry Association announced this week that it has released a new guide for businesses as it relates to the implementation of access control systems in offices.

One of the BSIA guide’s recommendations to help company’s choose which type of access control system they needs is to perform a risk assessment, which will help decision makers determine what level of security is required. The guide also suggests that offices need to be aware of discrimination laws as they pertain to the disabled, which also factor into the designs of access control systems.

Among the other information provided by the guide are the benefits of access control systems outside security purposes, which include time and attendance, visitor management and fire roll-call.

"The average office is not only made up of staff who will be there on a daily basis, but also visitors and other non-permanent staff who will require access to specific areas at specific times," said BSIA Access Control Section Chairman Mike Sussman in a prepared statement. "Access control systems offer a versatile and cost-effective way to regulate entry to premises. The guide covers the principles and application of access control, as well as providing practical examples of its successful use in offices."

To download the BSIA’s new guide to access control for offices, visit