Wren to Survey Northeast U.S. Schools on Security, Emergency Preparedness, Ability to Combat Campus Threats

Northeast a Focus for Urban Density

ATLANTA , Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Wren, a provider of enterprise-class video surveillance solutions, today announced plans to focus its fourth School Security Research Series in the Northeast U.S. to survey schools on factors from emergency preparedness to their ability to combat campus threats. The survey will be conducted among school administrators and members of the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) in nine Northeast states from Maine to Pennsylvania .

Wren Extends Research: Northeast a Focus for Urban Density

Since 2007, Wren has conducted regional surveys in the Midwest and Texas -- among other areas -- to learn how educators are securing their schools, the tools they are using and their motivations and challenges around school security. As part of the company's interest in researching all areas of the country, Wren will focus its next series on the Northeast due to the area's population density and the unique challenges of securing urban schools. In the New York City public school system alone, there are over 1,400 schools and 1.1 million students.

"While our previous regional studies helped us learn about school security issues in the Midwest and Texas , we're especially interested in comparing emergency preparedness of schools in the Northeast -- as they include some of the largest public school systems in the United States," said Andrew Wren , president of Wren. "We expect to learn how high density schools' security challenges differ from those of the more rural schools."

Survey Results to Be Announced in March 2009

The Wren School Security Survey: Northeast U.S. will cover K-12 schools in Maine , New Hampshire , Vermont , Massachusetts , Rhode Island , Connecticut , New York , New Jersey and Pennsylvania . Survey results will be released in March 2009 . School officials, including principals, school resource officers and administrators, interested in participating in the survey can register by emailing info@wrensolutions.com.

Wren's enterprise-class video surveillance solutions are essential technology tools that empower administrators and School Resource Officers (SROs) to secure their schools. Wren also proactively works with key education associations including NASRO to develop education and programs to promote safe schools. The company recently published the Wren School Security Survey: Access Control as the third in a research series designed to explore the use of access control, which was ranked after video surveillance as one of the most important security tools by SROs and administrators. The company's school security blog is a resource for school administrators, principals, SROs and staff.

For more information on Wren's products and services for schools, please visit their website.

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