The security week that was: 06/19/09

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The value of discussion
Use the strength of a community to stay current

I want to encourage all of our readers to go to the forums and register an account. This is quickly becoming a get-it-done discussion area where someone specifying a $100,000 video system can get the background on options and where openings for top security director positions get listed. The great thing is that there are discussion areas for all walks of our industry: corporate security, loss prevention, technical/electronic security systems integrators, security officers. Create some community and register an account today.

See you next week at ESX
Tradeshow kicks off in Baltimore on Monday, plus an invite for you

We're heading to the NBFAA/CSAA tradeshow "ESX" next week in Baltimore, Md. This, the second year of the show, looks like a winner. If you're in the area, definitely swing by and support this show, which is really geared toward installing, servicing, integration and monitoring companies. The show starts on Monday and runs through Friday morning, although the "guts" of the show for most attendees would probably be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Take a peek at the show schedule here.

Also, if you are in the LP/retail business or if you work with retailers, register for our webinar on "New Thinking for Retail Security & Loss Prevention." This 1-hour roundtable discussion promises to be quite enlightening. We'll be covering everything from managing an LP department to retail liability issues to camera trends around cashier stations. Register today!