The top security stories of 2010

A look back at who and what made news in the security industry

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The Top Stories of 2010 for Security Dealers & Integrators

AT&T wants to phase out landline services
Company says maintaining antiquated system diverting valuable resources from other projects

ESA puts its foot down on deceptive alarm sales practices
New code of ethics targets deceptive door-to-door sales practices used by some alarm firms

EPA to begin enforcement of lead paint rule
New rule applies to residences, child care facilities and schools built prior to 1978

Ascent explains purchase of Monitronics to investors
Investors call shares some of key numbers and motivations behind purchase of alarm monitoring company

FCC to open up vacant TV airwaves for broadband
'Super wi-fi' technology could be used in security industry for sensor networks, video surveillance

Samsung to separate from GVI distribution relationship
Surveillance products company takes distribution, channel relationships in house

Ohio plans 'Camera Integration Project'
New network will tie together government-operated cameras with private security systems

The rise of hosted security services
SIW takes a look at several companies in the Software-as-a-Service industry

Best practices for door-to-door alarm sales
Alarm industry pros tell SIW about 26 tips that work for door-to-door sales of security systems

Editorial: The consequences of false alarms for our industry
Why we're risking $6 billion in recurring revenue, and how to fix the problem

Alarm response policies demand sound research
A look at the real research that public safety policies should be sourcing

Security dealers take on identity theft
Identity theft prevention and recovery solutions are set to become a new RMR stream for dealers

Online comparison shopping for home alarm systems
An editor takes a trip into the point-and-click world of bids and price comparison for alarm systems

3D security comes to ASIS 2010
Forget Avatar in 3D, how about your facility's security in 3D?

Will free VMS open up the low-end market?
IMS Research says camera costs, more than a free VMS, might be the key

Diebold's entry to fire business
After 150 years of providing security, firm gets into fire detection installation, service and monitoring