The security week that was: 06/12/09

A hero in uniform

Despite recent movie portrayals of security guards as bumbling wannabes (see Paul Blart Mall Cop and Observe and Report if you want stereotypical examples of guards), the team at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial and Museum proved that they are anything but the sleeping-on-the-job wannabes that Hollywood makes our industry out to be. And they proved that they risk everything daily in their jobs.

At, we salute the team from Wackenhut Security that staffed the Holocaust museum, and especially Stephen Johns, the security officer who lost his life to a crazed racist and Holocaust denier. Johns was killed in cold blood by the assailant, but his team members opened fire on the attacker before the man could take other lives. From news reports, it was a bullet to the face that exited the neck which stopped the attacker.

Johns was described in the following manner in a New York Daily News report: "a big guy with a big heart", who felt "he was doing something very necessary". The story tells the tender side of the man behind the badge, of a regular guy who would argue back and forth with his co-workers over who was better, the Redskins or the Cowboys. The chief of staff at the museum, in that NY Daily News report, said this to say about Johns: "If you had to pick someone who exuded caring and seeing the best in people, that was him." Read the full story about Johns here. We hope that the security community remembers him as a hero and remembers his fellow officers also for their heroic actions that kept visitors (which included a group of schoolchildren) and museum staff safe. It's very clear that security at the museum took their jobs very seriously and were exceptionally trained.

NFPA coverage
SD&I editors give update from NFPA World Safety Conference & Expo

This week, Security Dealer & Integrator editors Deborah O'Mara and Natalia Kosk reported in on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) show in Chicago. From their reports, it's clear that mass notification systems (soon to be called emergency notification systems, it seems) are one of the leading technologies being considered by the same business community installing fire alarm systems and fire suppression systems. Their reports (see Deborah's report and Natalia's report) look at the who's who of the NFPA, fire sprinkler codes, mass notification solutions, and a new residential sprinkler initiative.

In other news...
ADS funding, Canadian loss prevention, Security Executive Council,

ADS Security has landed $30 million in refinancing which the company says will help it to continue to expand its electronic security services business. ... The Security Industry Association expressed disappointment that a bill was on the table which would cut spending on port and transit security. ... The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) and Retail Council of Canada (RCC) have partnered to offer professional certification for loss prevention officers in Canada. ... The Business Security Advisory Group merged into the Security Executive Council, allowing the council to offer more customized, consultative services. ... Questron President George Hall discussed merging his firm with Homesafe Security Systems and how mergers of the right companies can be extraordinarily synergistic. ... Vendors announced training sessions, including Arecont, Panasonic and Silent Knight. The summer training season is definitely upon us. Go get educated!