Quick Response acquires ARC

Quick Response Monitoring Alarm Center recently announced that it has acquired the assets of American Response Center (ARC), thus combining the two largest wholesale alarm monitoring businesses in Ohio into one company.

Jeff Cohen, president of Quick Response, said that the company’s goal is to merge the two organization’s operations over a period of time without incident.

“Often when Central Stations merge, it is an abrupt integration. In that rush services are disturbed and customers become nervous,” he said. “We don’t intend to do that since many of our past customer gains have been the result of disenchanted customers of an awkward or hasty transition. This integration will be a slow almost imperceptible process, so when the customer asks when the merger will begin, we would like to be able to say: months ago.”

ARC President Jim Osborne Sr. said that combining operations will allow the company to offer a “more effective service package” to consumers.

“I truly believe the merger and subsequent combining of management efforts will achieve this goal,” he said.

For more information about Quick Response or about this acquisition, visit www.quickresponse.net.