Klaxon Signals to merge with Texecom

Texecom, a UK-based manufacturer of alarm systems, announced Friday that audio-visual warning device maker Klaxon Signals Limited would be merging with the company.

As part of the merger, which is effective immediately, the Klaxon Signals name will become a brand under the Texecom umbrella, according to a statement issued by the manufacturer. In addition, Klaxon’s operations will be relocated to two of Texecom facilities in northwest England.

Jim Ludwig managing director of Texecom believes that merger bodes well for the future prospects of both companies, which are subsidiaries of electronic, safety and environmental technologies firm Halma.

“Texecom’s global reach and strong, large-scale UK-based manufacturing operation offer Klaxon enhanced opportunities to grow and improve operating efficiencies,” he said. “Likewise, Klaxon’s extensive range of signaling equipment immediately enhances Texecom’s ability to offer our customers a fantastic range of signaling devices for everything from residential installations to wide-area notification for applications like oil and gas, military and municipal warning systems.”