AT&T wants to phase out landline services

Last month, AT&T, the largest and oldest telecommunications provider in the U.S., filed a request with the Federal Communications Commission to waive the requirement that it and other phone service carriers maintain landline networks.

According to a story published by AFP, the filing was made in response to a request from the FCC for its input on expanding access to high-speed Internet service to the entire nation.

In the statement, the company said that fewer Americans rely exclusively on landlines for communication and that 25 percent have abandoned them completely. The main complaint from the telecom giant is that they still have to dedicate a “substantial amount” of their resources to maintaining landline networks.

"The business model for legacy phone services is in a death spiral," AT&T said. "With an outdated product, falling revenues, and rising costs, the plain-old telephone service (POTS) business is unsustainable for the long run."

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