Northrop Grumman and Global Security Systems team up on alert capabilities

Northrop Grumman and Global Security Systems are working together to develop and install a variety of alert systems used by governments organizations at the local, state and federal levels.

The companies jointly announced their collaboration on deploying systems for using wired and wireless communications systems to communicate emergency and warning messages via devices such as cell phones, GPS devices and even music players.

According to a statement from the firms, the system will allow "the president, state and local officials, and emergency management agencies to communicate with first responders as well as citizens in the event of a war, natural disaster, national, regional or local emergency."

"This partnership builds on the strong history of federal and regional alert systems integration that Northrop Grumman deployed through a variety of DHS programs, and enables rapid rollout of future Commercial Mobile Alert System capabilities," said Dave Nastase, VP of Northrop Grumman's Mission Support Solutions Operating Unit.

The work between GSS and Northrop Grumman coincides with partnerships from a number of vendors working with the FCC to develop Commercial Mobile Alert Standards to meet the needs of the Department of Homeland Security.