Bomb threats force evacuation of Wisconsin hospital


Bomb threats over the weekend have prompted Stoughton Hospital to activate its disaster plan and evacuate its facilities Sunday afternoon.

Hospital officials tell WISC-TV all 18 patients at the hospital were transported to other facilities early Sunday afternoon. 16 patients were taken to Skaalen Sunset Home, an area nursing home. 2 other patients went to area hospitals in Madison.

At 3:30 p.m. Sunday, investigators concluded their sweep of the hospital and found no threat to the facility. Patients are being transported back to Stoughton Hospital Sunday night.

WISC-TV has learned the hospital received numerous bomb threats since 8 p.m. Saturday. Firefighters conducted a sweep of the facility Saturday, and found no threat to hospital staff and patients. The last threat called into the hospital around 12 p.m. on Sunday prompted the decision to evacuate. City investigators say the latest threat came with specific information about the hospital that led to making the decision to evacuate.

Stay tuned to WISC-TV and for the latest on this developing situation.

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