The security week that was: 06/25/10 (TSA's John Pistole)

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Pistole is going to have to deal with the Watch List. There are two problems. First, it’s not being properly administered such that persons of interest who should be on it are always on it and that it is being put in use (reference the Christmas Day bombing or the Times Square bombing suspect. Secondly, there is a problem that people who shouldn’t be on it can’t be guaranteed of having themselves removed from it. Clearly, the point is to err on the cautious side by keeping people on it until it’s crystal clear they shouldn’t, but that’s little comfort to people like the 8-year-old Cub Scout who ended up on the list.

The indications so far from industry insiders and by way of the unilateral support in the Senate is that Pistole is competent to handle these issues. On behalf of the security industry, let’s extend a warm welcome to new TSA Administrator John Pistole, especially because his leadership affects our industry directly.

***For more on aviation security, you can watch the archived version of yesterday’s webinar on airport security contracting best practices. The program featured PDX’s John Dean former DEN security chief Lori Beckman.