Guard laptop stolen from Portland home


A government-owned computer was stolen Monday from a National Guard soldier's home in Portland.

Technical Sgt. Nick Choy, of the Oregon National Guard, said the laptop has information that could potentially place many Army Guardsmen at risk.

"The laptop contained personal information that could compromise the financial security of individuals in the Oregon National Guard," Choy said.

The computer was stolen from the car of a citizen soldier who was using the laptop to work from home. Choy said the theft was immediately reported to the Portland Police Bureau.

The computer is password protected and requires a military identification to use it, but the National Guard is still contacting everyone whose information may be at risk.

They're also re-examining procedures to determine whether changes need to be made.

Capt. Stephen Bomar, the Oregon National Guard's chief of public affairs, said legal services are available for soldiers who need it through the National Guard Office of the Staff Judge Advocate.

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