UK firm launches 'The Ultimate Alarm Project'

UK burglar alarm firm the Alarm Monitoring Company announced last week that it has established the Ultimate Alarm Project, an Internet community initiative designed to foster innovation in the industry to establish the best "burglar-beating system."

According to a statement, the project is being led by James Knowles, a security consultant with the Alarm Monitoring Company’s headquarters in North Yorkshire. Alarm Monitoring Company Founder and Chairman Les Quigley is also offering to invest up to £1000 in developing some of the best ideas generated by the project.

One of the first ideas developed through the project, the "VuVutech 5000," uses the amplified sound of Vuvuzellas and air horns to create one of the world’s "most annoying" alarm systems.

"We always say to people that our AMCO monitored alarms are the best alarms in the world, however we thought we'd challenge the internet to come up with an even better burglar-beating system," Knowles said. "We really love the idea of seeing what ideas the internet can come up with - so set up the Ultimate Alarm Project as a challenge to bedroom geeks around the world to come up with the best burglar-busting ideas."

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